Party Themes built around a specific culture.
1940 in Tiffany Blue

True 1940's! Tiffany Blue was the colour, complimented with black and lot's of feathers. The dance is rounded off with 2 Movie star props. A wall of fame id used as photocorner ... an ideal theme for the daring.

Arabian Night

An Arabian Night is truly elegant, stylish and ROMANTIC!!!

Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta is a very lively and exciting party theme, ... off course stimulated by Tequila's Sheila's, guitar music and spicy food! Easy theme to get guests to participate!

Shebeen Party

This theme works excellent for a Birthday or Xmas party.

Your guests will be scooped away to the heart of Soweto, where they will experience the African nightlife in a typical South African Township.

The menu and décor settings were designed to stimulate the experience … succulent lamb shanks with mash, putu pap and a wide range of veggies, served in traditional enamel crockery. Have you ever had a drink in a chipped enamel mug?

Sixties - Hippie

Flower Power!! Hippie Kombi! Juke Box!! Huge Guitars!!! The Sixties / Hippie theme is full of excitement, fantastic decor and lot's of fun for guests to participate.

Trailer Trash

What a lot of fun and LAUGHTER!! The trailer trash theme is created by using a "caravan park" backdrops, washing lines, and various "recycled" items as part of the decor sets. The atmosphere is stimulated by a cheap oily and greasy menu. Comon lets gooi a parti!!

Western Cowboy

An exciting Western Cowboy theme is hosted in a farmyard / shed, comprising of two colorfull backdrops (2m x 2m), 3 x A0 full color posters in timber frames, Cowboy hats, jackets, lady's bibs, and other cowboy/girl goodies! Ideal for a men's birthday party!!!!

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