Captain's Dinner on Cruiseship

Captain's Dinner on a Cruiseship is elegant, colorfull and innovative! It generates an energetic feeling amongst your guests, stimulated by good music and delicous food.

The theme is complimented by the suttle use of Beach Decor items to enhance the experience ..... we're on sea .... having dinner in the Captains Ballroom, anchored next to a beautifull romantic island! What more do you want? The theme is further enhanced by various colour combinations, such as White & Green, White and Turquise Blue, Black & Green, etc.


Night of the Stars or OSCAR AWARDS : An exciting theme for a typical Performance Awards evening, - giving full recognition for achievements. The decor set is based on "Shooting Star Scene", rounded off by the intelligent use of Oscar Statues, filmstar cut-outs, and Hollywood / Oscar related backdrops.

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