Beach - Hawaiian
Beach - Fisherman display

Fisherman, also referred to Beach Bum, is made up of a fabric doll, wearing a beach bum costume, with supporting camping decor. Creates a lot of fun and teasing, especially after a few drinks!

Beach - Lighthouse display

A mini Lighthouse scene is created bya Lighthouse prop, riversand and a variety of beach shells and seaweed.

Beach Bamboo Lantern

Beach Bamboo lantern, appr 1.5m long with parrafin canister, creates a very romantic but "bushveld" atmosphere at Beach parties. The use of Citronella Oil, mixed with parrafin, serve as insect repellant for outdoor events.

Beach Boat Large

Sailor's dream! A LARGE free standing boat, 3.2m long and 2.8m high ... painted in your preferred colour. Normally used as part of the Mamma Mia, Beach, Pirate and Shipwreck themes (different masts and sails). The boating scene is rounded off by using beach towels, beach wear, shells, anchors, etc. Spotlights are being used to use the boat in focus point areas.

Beach Centre Piece 1

A Fishbowl, riversand and rubber sea creatures, compliemented by a flower garment, is used as centerpiece on check tables cloths, and a variety of candles.

Beach Chill Corner

Beach chairs, bamboo baskets, towels and other beach wear is ued to create a beach vibe and scene.

Beach decor items - photo frames

Free standing picture frames for a picture of the Birthday Babe! Very nice supporting decor on foodstationsd and bar areas. Varous sizes available.

Beach decor items - star fish

Sea Stars for the ultimate sea scenes.

Beach Display scene 1

Riversand, sailboat, palmtree leaves, flower garments and ... off course  ...  A luscious cocktail. An ideal moodsetting scene to create that special outdoor beach feeling.

Beach display scene 2

The Beach display scene, for internal or external use, is made out of a selection of fishnets, treasure chests, beach wear, light towers, garments ... all on riversand with a plastic underlay.

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